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Distichiasis is an abnormal condition in which extra eyelashes appear along the lid margins where ordinarily they should not grow.  This condition is inherited, but chronic irritation may also stimulate the growth of these unwanted hairs.  A related condition called ectopic cilia is recognized as a stiff hair coming through the back portion of the lid rubbing directly on the cornea.  Either of these conditions may cause excessive tearing, discomfort, and potentially serious injury to the eye.  In some cases, there is no discomfort, and no treatment is required.

Various procedures can be used to treat this disorder.  We use cryosurgery or electroepilation for distichiasis and surgical excision of ectopic cilia.  Due to the complex ongoing nature of distichiasis, new irritating hairs may grow after the initial surgical procedure.  Therefore the procedure may need to be repeated.  One should not become discouraged, since correction can be attained and each additional procedure reduces the likelihood of recurrence.