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Pannus is a syndrome that causes blood vessels, pigment, and scar tissue to grow in and on the surface of the eye.  Beginning in young to middle-aged adult dogs, the disease is seen more commonly in certain breeds including the German Shepherd Dog and shepherd crossbreed, Greyhound, and Dachshund, although it can occur in any breed.

The cause of pannus is unknown but UV light, altitude, and breed are thought to be involved.  Without treatment, pannus will eventually cover both corneas and cause marked visual disturbance.  A similar problem can affect the third eyelids, and is referred to as plasmoma.  The third eyelids will appear thickened and reddened as inflammatory cells invade the tissue with loss of the normal dark pigmented appearance.

Both of these conditions are controllable, but not curable, with topical medications.  Life-long therapy is required to keep the eyes visual and comfortable.