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SCCED (spontaneous chronic corneal epithelial defect) or indolent erosion:
This is a stubborn, often recurrent corneal lesion which can occur in one or both eyes. They are also called refractory ulcers because they are so difficult to get to heal. These lesions are most commonly seen in the middle-aged to older dogs and develop spontaneously. Indolent erosions may represent corneal epithelial dysfunction characterized by basal epithelial cells that produce an abnormal basement membrane and low numbers of hemidesmosomes for attachment or superficial stromal dysfunction. Therapy is based on removal of the loose epithelium and basement membrane and alteration of the anterior stroma to allow for epithelial adherence.
In some cases, debridement with multiple cotton swabs can accomplish this, but in many cases, additional surgical procedures are required.

Either a diamond burr debridement or a grid keratotomy with or without a bandaging contact lens are our choices for initial therapy for nonhealing or recurrent corneal ulcers. A limited grid keratotomy is performed with just topical anesthesia (numbing the surface of the eye) and a hypodermic needle. The success rate for these procedures is about 80 percent with the cornea healing in 7-10 days. If significant healing does not occur, we usually recommend a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. Recurrence of the erosion is rare in the specific area where the procedure is performed, but may occur in other areas of the same cornea and in the opposite eye. Although it is rare, keratomalacia (melting cornea) can occur following either of these procedures.
Topical medications may include atropine, antibiotic, and sodium chloride ointment.
We also recommend oral pain medications for 3-7 days. Medication changes are based on the individual animal's response to therapy.
Recheck exams are scheduled based on the pet's progress, and are assessed the regular fees.